“Lights and Lanterns” Tellogleio
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April – May 2011,  “Lights and Lanterns”, Tellogleion Arts Foundation AUTH, Thessaloniki

The Educational Department of Tellogleion Arts Foundation collaborated with Beforelight to develop a creative workshop in two parts, based on the theme of light. The first part was entitled “In the shadow of the tiny giants” and focused in the relationship between light, objects and shadow and the creation of a painting made of shadows. The workshop concluded with an custom-made construction to map shadow motifs. The second meeting was named “Colours and Scents” and aimed to the discovery of the multiple colours hiding inside white colour, as well as the study of the light spectrum. Using colour filters and a series of UV sensitive material, children had the opportunity to create “ghost paintings”.

The children works were exhibited at the Tellogleion Arts Foundation on the occasion of the International Museum Day.

Workshop coordinators: Kelly Efraimidou , Maria Lazaridou