Made In Greece Boston
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10 – 16 April 2011, Exhibition Made in Greece – Graduate School  Design, Harvard University, Cambridge MA

The exhibition “Made in Greece” is part of a larger efford by GreeceGSD to present the work of young greek architects abroad. In the framework of their effort, GreeceGSD invited young creative collectives from Greece to submit their work, collecting more than 70 applications. Only 16 works were selected, indicative of the creative production that survives the financial crisis in Greece. Beforelight’s “Under a different light” was the one selected, a work that took place in Hebrard street in Thessaloniki, in June 2010 on the occasion of the first bithday of Parallaxi magazine.

The installation was presented again in December 2011, in the architectural work exhibition “Made in Greece Plus”, at the Science Museum in Boston, showcasing young architects’ works that demonstrate how design thinking, technological innovation, and scientific research, play an important role in the creation of the human-made environment.