Date: 05/06/2014 – on site

Venue: Traces of Commerce project, The Athens project-Municipality of Athens

Location: Gallery of Merchants – Stoa Emporon, Athens

“AthiNeon” light installation is another big-scale intervention in urban public space, with citizens’ support and participation. The turned-off light signs of closed up shops as traces of a commercial activity, together with the forgotten art of light sign, as well as the desolation of old commercial arcades motivated Beforelight group to preserve some characteristic samples of light signs and reuse them inside the Gallery of Merchants – Stoa Emporon. Through an open call and personal contact with the owners of the shut down stores of Athens, a variety of commercial light signs with different constructive and operational characteristics (neon, light up letters, wooden or metallic lightboxes etc.) had been collected from different neighborhoods in Athens and been repaired through a participatory workshop with volunteers. Beforelight group re-placed them on the ceiling of the Gallery of Merchants – Stoa Emporon and created a temporary “museum” of light signs, reviving in an artistic way the old commercial activity of Athens.

The installations was part of the presentation of the “Traces of Commerce” project in the exhibition “Athens Adhocracy” at the Onassis Cultural Centre (29th April-5th July 2015).