Date: 12/2020 – 01/2021

Venue: Rotterdam City, De Gebiedscommissie Charlois και de wijkcomités Tarwewijk en Pendrecht

Location: Rotterdam

Due to the pandemic, the City of Rotterdam cancelled its Christmas fireworks feast and invited different artists to intervene with their own gesture, in selected neighborhoods of the city.

Beforelight group proposed the design of a series of 6 different delicate, geometric shapes of coloured neon flex light strip. They were placed,  in different compositions, in specific parts of Charlois area, mainly in public green spaces. These delicate, self-illuminated shapes developed a vivid dialogue with the characteristics and morphology of each site of intervention, inviting people to enjoy the effect and take a selfie still.


Commission: Rotterdam City: Gebiedscommissie Charlois, wijkcomités Tarwewijk en Pendrecht

Construction: Giuseppe Licari, Kay Stijnenbosch

Photos: Arnoud Verhey, Giuseppe Licari