Date: 07/2019-σήμερα

Venue : Interventions in the City – This is Athens-Polis, Municipality of Athens

Location: Agiou Markou Street

The light installation “▼ Falling Triangles” is located in Agiou Markou Street, in the Commercial Triangle of the city, where the commercial heart of Athens still beats; shops there count more than 120 years of continuous operation. Our goal was to make Agiou Markou an equal part of a night walk in downtown Athens. Triangles of light fall from the sky forming a dialogue with the “Ikarus” mural by Nikolaos Tsounakas, on the corner of the building on Chrysospiliotissis Street, In addition to that an oversized triangle lands and stays around thecentral plane tree in Miltiadou Street, before reaching the ground.


Intervention was funded through This is Athens Polis and sponsored with LED and lighting materials by Electron S.A

Design-Construction-Supervision: Βeforelight |

Mural art: Nikolaos A. Tsounakas

Design and Construction collaborator: Melina Lasithiotaki

Production coordination: Αpart- George Georgakopoulos

Photos: Aris Kamarotos