Date: 06/2018-12/2018

Venue: Elefsina – European Cultural Capital 2021

Location: Dardanelion Street, Elefsina

Elefsina – European Cultural Capital 2021 commissioned Beforelight to create a light installation – meeting point in an abandoned lot in the neighborhood that accommodated for the last 100 years refugees from Asia Minor and their descendants, a space with a strong collective memory.

The ephemeral site-specific installation “Photosynaxis” came to aesthetically “agitate” the empty plot on Dardanelion Street and redefine it as a flexible assembly center on the map of Eleusis, which is shaped according to the needs of its users.

The aim of the installation is to create an experiential space, functional both during the day and at night, which invites the visitor to wander around and interact with the installation.

Variable architectural and lighting elements are in dialogue with the demolished facades of old houses, set up in such a way as to create different meeting, entertainment and information spots. As an information point, a cafe, an Agora, the space is transformed by giving life to the empty alleys of the street buildings. The composition and coexistence of diverse materials and lighting means give the possibility of redefining the empty plot, as new points are highlighted through a play of light and shadow.