Date: 07/2014 – 03/2015

Venue: Urban Lightscapes project, in collaboration with the artistic platform Stichting SoAP

Location: Wyckerpoort, Maastricht

Urban Lightscapes (, is a three-parted european project that focus on urban lighting and its artistic dimension and realised through collaboration with the IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) in Barcelona and the SoAP Foundation in Maastricht during 2013–2015, supported by the European Cultural Foundation. In the context of the programme, the group presented two participatory art installations in Maastricht, Netherlands.

In Wyckerpoort area, in collaboration with the dutch artistic platform Stichting SoAP, the square of Old Hickory was selected, a large square surrounded by apartment blocks and, for the most part, unexploited. There, at the Gallery OHP9, the residents took part in a participatory workshop, where adults and children selected light filters for the windows of the stairway with a variety of colours.

Based on the residents’ colour compositions, Beforelight group installed coloured filters on the windows, creating a colourful mosaic at the interior and exterior of the buildings. Therefore, on the one hand, natural light penetrated the coloured filters thus producing interesting reflections, while the artificial, interior light interacted with the coloured windows during the evening hours. The installation “Mosaic” filled the everyday life of the Old Hickory neighborhood with colour and its evenings with bright light emerging from the stairways.