Date: 05/09/2013 – 10/2013

Venue: Made in Thessaloniki #2 – Thessaloniki Allios, Paralaxi Magazine

Location: Filikis Etaireias Str, Thessaloniki

What is the width of the White Tower? What is the height of Thessaloniki’s most semantical monument? Under the umbrella of “Made in Thessaloniki # 2” project, organized by Parallaxi magazine, Beforelight grabed their rulers and pencils, measured the dimensions of the White Tower and created a light installation on Filikis Etaireias Street, which «frames» the monumental city landmark. Using the illusion that perpesctive can create in visual perception, the group placed the monument’s dimensions in a 3D way as scattered luminous lines and numbers. The spectator can read them made from one unique viewpoint in the street, which invites visitors to stand there and participate in the action.