Date: 12/2017-01/2018

Venue: Municipality of Thessaloniki

Location: Filikis Etairias and Mitropoleos streets

“Falling Star”

The image of an enormous bright star, which fell from the sky and got stuck between two buildings on Filikis Etaireias Street,.This light installation opens a dialogue with the motif of the star, used for Christmas decoration in a playful way regarding proportions and scale. At the same time Filikis Etaireias is a street that creates the perfect perspective with the White Tower monument, therefore that play becomes even more interesting.


Along Mitropoleos Street, a light intervention was designed based on the multiplication of the shape of the circle. There are 4 different compositions of emerging circles, which refer to the two-dimensional Christmas balls. These alternating patterns create a perspective game of circles that sometimes seem to hang in the air and sometimes converge.

* The installation “Circles” was also used in the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 period.