What is particular about Beforelight, since the moment the group was formed, is that its members are scattered around Greece and abroad. Feeling the creative and organisational need to meet, at least once a year, in the same physical space, the group decided to organise annual workshops.

It is this long weekend of the year, when everybody make themselves available, willing to leave their work aside, skip their vacation, book tickets and travel by train, plane or car to meet in a different city in Greece.

Chalkida, Larissa, Athens, Volos and Thessaloniki are some of the cities that hosted them.

Each year, a group member is responsible to coordinate the workshop; s/he is naming the title, composes the content and distributes tasks to the rest of the members.

BEFORELIGHT IDs, BEFORELIGHT EGOs, BEFORELIGHT SUPEREGOs, BEFORELIGHT EDs, SYMPOSIUM, UNREAL-IS-ED are some of the titles of our past workshops. In every annual meeting, we evaluate the projects of the past year in order to avoid future organisational faults, we set the targets for the coming year, organise upcoming projects and take practical steps to prepare them better (design, 1:1 scale try outs, concept development). Additionally, we dedicate sometime on experimentation and games with light. Naturally, big dinners, wine drinking and singing could not be missed from the workshops, as well as few sleeping hours and infinite small talks, personal or not, because this is the custom when dear friends meet after long time.

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