Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

The light installations “Crop Circles” & “Light Jets” were re-installed during the Christmas period 2018-2019

The SNFCC invited the group to create a series of lighting installations at the Park, as part of the festive decoration. Stavros Niarchos Park, designed by Renzo Piano, as well as the entire Cultural Center, is characterized by strict geometry, with clear axes of movement that gradually end at the Lighthouse, the highest point of the SNFCC. The nature, under this context, develops with more anarchy, without strict geometric boundaries and shapes. The interventions were designed between the design geometry and the anarchic nature, introducing the element of the Circle, in various dimensions, quantities and lighting qualities. Four installations were placed at four different parts of the Park, at the Mediterranean Garden, the Great Lawn, the Water Jets, the path to the Lighthouse, as well as smaller, scattered light elements, which invited people to be photographed around them.

“Light Jets” – Water Jets: “Light Jets” is an interactive artwork, activated by visitors with the push of a button, releasing a choreography of light beams, which, together with the dancing water, generate a different outcome each time.
“Crop Circles” – Lighthouse Path: At the path that connects the rooftop of the National Library with the Lighthouse, Beforelight installed a series of perfect circles, in juxtaposition, yet at the same time in conversation with the building’s austere geometry. As these circles are placed within the green roof’s lush vegetation, they form a mystical winter landscape, alluding to crop circles found in farms. This landscape is activated by visitors through the push of a button.
“Hoops” – Pine Grove: Lighting hoops of different sizes became the ornaments of the pine trees, allowing visitors to interact with them through the push of a button.
“Halo” – Mediterranean Garden: An oversized lighting wreath, a “halo”, was hung from the four tall trees that frame the clearing of the Mediterranean Garden.
“Photobooths”: Scattered light frames were positioned around the space, where visitors could be photographed, using selected places of the Park as background.

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